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Car rental information

We always quote fully inclusive car insurance, using National / ALAMO as our provider. The US is not the place to drive around under insured and you will find that the cost of paying the insurance extra is much greater if you wait until you get out there.

Standard inclusive cover
Unlimited mileage, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), $1 Million Liability Cover, Sales Tax, State Tax, Airport Fees, CFC (Subject to location), Mechanical Assistance.

GOLD inclusive cover
Unlimited mileage, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), $1 Million Liability Cover, Sales Tax, State Tax, Airport Fees, CFC (Subject to location), Mechanical Assistance, up to 3 additional drivers, initial tank of fuel.

GPS option
You can add a pre-paid GPS navigation option to both the standard and gold covers on request.

Driver age
All of the above options are based on a minimum driver age of 25. We do also offer a yound driver policy for an additional fee.

License requirements
When collecting your car you will have to present your UK driving license. Although this is all they will ask you for, legally you should also have an International Driving Permit as well which you can get by applying to the AA.

The driving permit may become an issue in the event of an accident or other problem so please be aware.

Car rental pickup
On pick up you are not always asked to inspect the vehicle. If you are not asked to do this we recommend that you still have a good look for any damage and insist that this is recorded before you drive away.

When you pick up your vehicle you will be asked for a credit card which they will swipe. Don't be alarmed. Provided you have paid us for full insurance cover you have nothing further to pay. They need the imprint in the event that further charges arise, see below.

The drop off time will be stipulated and there is usually a grace period of only 59 minutes. We believe this is not in the agreement so may not be given. We recommend therefore that you do not rely on it. What this means is that if you are late returning the vehicle you will be charged for an extra days hire. So it is better to arrive well before the stipulated drop off time.

If the deal is to return the vehicle with a full tank make sure that you do that. Otherwise the hire company will charge far more per gallon than you would pay at the pump.

You will not necessarily be told anything at the time of drop off and any extra charges will appear on your credit card in due course.


For passengers flying into Myrtle Beach airport we can arrange transfers to and from the airport through our preferred taxi partners. If you prefer not to drive during your stay we can also arrange for transfers to and from the golf course.

Our taxi providers will allocate you one driver (per vehicle) for your entire stay so you can easily make arrangements with him directly if you require additional taxis while you are out there.

  1. Here are a few driving tips to help you...
  2. You can turn right at a red light if the coast is clear unless the signs tell you otherwise.
  3. For a safety conscious country we do find the lighting and the turns on their roads to be poor. Junctions are difficult to see at night and you will find a lot of turns on highways which do not have slip roads so you can often find traffic grinding to a halt in the fast lane as someone slows to turn so beware!
  4. Speed limits are posted on most roads but the national speed limit is 55mph. They are particularly sensitive to people speeding in built up areas, especially in small towns. And the fines are huge. 
  5. If you are using your windscreen wipers you must have your headlights on by law.
  6. It is unlawful to pass a stationary school bus in either direction. If you see a school bus pull over and put his stop sign out this means you!
  7. Petrol, sorry, gas is a lot cheaper than in the UK so you don't have to worry too much about mileage. Most petrol pumps have a credit card swipe system so you don't have to go in and pay unless you wish to buy something. 
  8. Their pumps are a little different to ours but instructions are provided. Pay particular attention to the colour coding as the deisel and unleaded colours are the opposite of the UK.
  9. Stop signs are everywhere and it is an offence not to stop. They are hotter on this than in the UK. ‘Yield’ is the same as our ‘Give Way’ but these you see less frequently.
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